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We shall; Integrate the consideration of environmental concerns and impacts into all of our decision making and activities, promote environmental awareness amoung our employees and encourage them to work in an environmentally responsible manner, train, educate and inform our employees about environmental issues that may affect their work, reduce waste through re-use and recycling and by purchasing recycled, recyclable or refurbished products and materials where these alternatives are available Timber is one of the most commonly used materials in our workshop, and is also one of the most environmentally friendly commercial building materials available today. Timber uses only a fraction of the non-renewable fossil fuels burned in production when compared to PVC, Steel or similar construction materials.

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and strive to minimise any adverse impacts that our activities may have. We aim to make a positive contribution to the environmental quality of the communities in which we work. We will comply with all relevant local legislation as a standard and aim to continually improve our performance Extensive sections of our workshop roofing have been replaced with transparent sheeting, reducing the need for artificial lighting. The walls have been painted with white emulsion voc free. All our machineries are state of the art and are regularly being updated We are committed to operating in an environmentally friendly manner and takes positive steps to minimise the environmental impact of its operations and products; In particular, we shall:

o Keep our environmental impact to a minimum
o Re-cycle waste materials and packaging
o Use environmentally friendly coatings, adhesives and finishes
o Source eco-friendly materials wherever possible across our operations
o We will minimize the use of paper in the office
o We will seek to buy recycled and recyclable paper products
o We will seek to reduce the amount of energy used as much as possible
o Lights and electrical equipment will be switched off when not in use
o Cleaning materials will be as environmentally friendly as possible
o We will increase employee awareness through training
o We will work with suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors to improve their environmental performance
o We will use local labour and materials where available